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Friday Feedback for December 11, 2015


Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday’s 1-Day December Drive. We’re pleased to support the work of the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, and we join with them in thanking Food Lion for donating 4 pounds of food for every pledge received. Here’s a typical reaction from the drive. James Jones of Wilmington wrote:

It’s great to see the station & Food Lion helping feed the hungry at this time of year.

We couldn’t agree more. Thank you, everyone.


This is Joseph Wilcox. I was calling in regards to the story I just heard about the Department of Defense opening all of its arms to females in the military. And I was just wondering why you didn't cover how they're still a difference in standards between men and women in the military. For instance, physical standards that men and women have have to attain in the service is different. Females in the Marine Corps only have to do eight pull-ups to receive a maximum school on their physical test, while male Marines have to score 20 pull-ups to receive a maximum score. I enjoy listening to your station and stories every day and I just wanted to express this. I hope you all have a good evening… Thank you for your time

Marlene Huber wrote,

Just wondering when the classical station will start airing Christmas music? Surely some of the best Christmas music fits in this category. Thank you for this wonderful station.

I wrote to Marlene that we have already begun adding some Christmas music to most hours. We expect the amount to increase as we get closer to December 25th. Also, we have our “As You Like It” segment Fridays at noon, and that’s a great way to request Christmas music.”

Douglas Skipper of Hampstead wrote:

I really like most of NPR's programming and I'm a daily listener. Here's a few suggestions that would make it even better for me as a listener. Instead of a mostly Classical format how about a mostly Jazz format. Nix Car Talk please; it's time to move on. Perhaps select a weekly listener for their own personal Smooth Landing song-list? I’m a huge Surf/Instrumental music fan, maybe you could somehow work in some play time for this awesome sub-genre of music. Good job and thanks for your consideration.

I’ll try to respond to at least some of Doug’s questions. 1) We’re glad to have jazz on 7 nights a week on 91.3, but we do think that the audience for 24-hour classical on 96.7 is larger than for jazz. 2) We do have guest hosts on Smooth Landings. That’s a benefit of membership at the $365 level, and unlike some of our time-sensitive offerings like coffee mugs and T-shirts, it’s available year round. 3) And I’ll pass the suggestion for Surf/Instrumental along to George, who hosts Smooth Landings.

Thanks again for your support for our One Day Drive yesterday. I’ll give some Feedback from that drive next week.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.