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Friday Feedback for October 16, 2015

Thanks to vacation schedule and some minor health-related down time, we have rearranged some people’s times on air – you’ve heard Bob Workmon, Gina Gambony, Todd Patterson, Rachel Lewis Hilburn and yours truly taking guest slots, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria, you name it.

Listeners noticed. Anonymous wrote:

Changing this week's line up of on-air personalities was so refreshing to me. Maybe you were moving people around to cover for someone's vacation but it was like a breath of fresh air to hear Rachel and Bob in the morning and Todd Patterson, especially as the host of Smooth Landing, on Monday. He rocked it with his eclectic selex.

Paul Cole wrote:

I have grown up listening to WHQR and I love George Scheibner, but Gina Gambony’s playlist on Wednesday night’s Smooth Landing was outstanding. Please keep her guest dj-ing!! It was the best music WHQR has ever played!

Earlier this month, Listener Sanders Pearsall wrote:

Man, I’ve lived all over the country...listened to great radio...Brown’s student radio in the early 2000’s in Providence is still one of my favorites...Bozeman/Yellowstone Talk NPR was great...but George, you … kill it man...and in North Carolina!


Hey, this is Susan Hinger… I keep hearing people complaining about the more or less unremitting jazz in the evenings on WHQR and I’m wondering why there couldn’t be different nights with different genres, regularly scheduled so that, say, Tuesday night would be Folk Night, Wednesday night would be Rhythm & Blues/Soul… you could have Celtic night, you can have Latin night, Classic Rock. You can have a night that was new and different… I think people would tune in on nights that had their favorite type of music and and learn a lot and and tune in on the other ones, too. Anyway, that's my idea. Thanks.

Listener Sham wrote:

Thank you for the selection of music you provide to me and my family in the mornings while on our way to school and work. May I inquire of the name of the flutist who spoke this morning? My daughter would like to learn how to play the flute and asked me following the segment which aired after Carnival of the Animals.

We’re checking on that for Sham. Thanks to you and your daughter for listening.

Listener Virginia wrote:

I miss “With Heart and Voice” which is now broadcast only on 96.7, which despite my best efforts I can’t hear in my home. I do hear that you have somewhat-outdated reruns of “Car Talk” twice each weekend. “With Heart and Voice” is a wonderful program featuring sacred organ and choral music. Please consider dropping one of the Car Talk reruns and put “With Heart and Voice” on 91.3 on Sundays. Thank you.

Following last week’s discussion of “evacuate” and “several/a few”, we got some more mail to the Pet Peeve Patrol. Anne Russell wrote:

My pet peeve, the redundant: “I thought to myself.” How else would one think, other than to oneself? Just plain “I thought” does the job.

No Friday Feedback next week – it’s our Fall Pledge Drive, so feedback continues all day, every day. I’d love to hear from you in two weeks, though. You can send an email message to feedback-at-whqr-dot-org, or call our Feedback comment line at 910-292-9477. Thanks for your support of public radio, and thanks for your Feedback.