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Friday Feedback for October 3, 2014

You guys made a great change, THANKS! -- Joanna

The volume of calls and emails has lessened since we launched HQR News and the new Classical HQR, but the messages still generally fall into three large camps:

  • news listeners who mostly love the changes to 91.3
  • classical listeners who can receive 96.7 and love it, and
  • classical listeners who are very disappointed not to be able to hear 96.7.

We do have tips at whqr.org for those experiencing problems, and we will soon have news on other measures. Let’s dive into the correspondence:

Beth Cosper from Leland wrote:

Thank you for making the change to all talk!!... Now I am so happy to be able to listen to MY local station all day long!... Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Susan wrote:

When you first began broadcasting the Diane Rehm show, I was quite disconcerted by the sound of her voice. However, I investigated a bit and learned the reason, which completely changed my feelings about the show. I am impressed by her bravery in continuing to host a news discussion show despite her vocal difficulties, and find her selection of guests to be excellent.


I just want you to know how displeased I am when I turned my radio on this morning and the Splendid Table was not on at 7 o'clock this morning… it's one of my favorite things, and I'm very upset that I couldn't listen to it this morning.

Splendid Table is now on Sunday morning at 7, repeated Sunday afternoon.

Bob from Oak Island wrote:

We became members in OCT'88... However, we can no longer receive classical music on the new 96.7... So, we are forced to withdraw our support as of the monthly payment in October, unless you find another alternative.

Amy Beausang wrote:

I love BBC at 9am—great to have a non-US perspective on world news to compliment Morning Edition and All Things Considered... I love Rachel’s Wednesday CoastLine. She is a great host and interviewer…I think WHQR is evolving and growing with as your target audience evolves and grows. Please do whatever you can to make it easy and convenient for fans of classical to hear what they love as well, so that WHQR supporters can have the best of both worlds!!

Julie Adams wrote:

HQR News is my new favorite radio station.

Last Friday, listener Cherie Wisse wrote:

Unless I just misheard your broadcast at 4:40, there was an error reported. Brunswick county schools did not attempt to ban any books. The public wanted books banned and BCS decided not to allow them to be banned. Please correct.

Yes, Cherie is correct. We have fixed the story on our website. Thanks.

Listener Bonnie wrote:

Hail Thee Great and inspiring WHQR! Music is again flowing throughout our home,……..thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Listener Melissa wrote:

I write for the first time to say how miserable I am that my radio station has been chopped up and reconstructed into something I do not recognize anymore… it seems over the years, the shows I love keep being amputated (or … moved to weird hours). Some I will never get over losing such as … the second hour of Science Friday. But now you've really done it… sadly, the old reproduction radio does not receive the new classical station and I have no other devices out there in the studio... I guess nothing lasts forever... Oh wait! Car Talk, unfortunately, does!

A correction for Melissa: we have brought back the second hour of Science Friday.

Listener Joanna wrote:

Bravo! The new format is wonderful… I get to hear the BBC side of things, plus all I have to do to listen to Classical is push another button and I can hear it all day if I wish. You guys made a great change, THANKS!

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.