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Friday Feedback for April 4, 2014

Your station is a shining beacon in a 'radio sea' of blandness. -- Christopher Posey

As usual, our Spring pledge drive brought a lot of comments from people pledging. And also as usual, here’s a sample.

Christopher Posey of Bolivia wrote:

Your station is a shining beacon in a 'radio sea' of blandness.

Joanne and Mylie Durham of Kure Beach wrote:

I wish you had a show giving more analysis of North Carolina concerns like the voting rights changes, seismic testing, local education, etc.

Claudia Kell of Leland wrote:

I found you when I moved here in 2005 & I listen every day!

William Jacobson of Little River wrote:

I just started picking up WHQR. I missed my classical music!

Sam Mitchell of Southport wrote:

I love Cinematique, NPR news, and classical music! Plus I stop by your offices during the Fourth Friday Art Walks.

Jim and Jane Everett of Supply wrote:

When I heard your guest talk about what Nourish NC does to feed children in NC, I knew it was time to help WHQR and Nourish NC. We all need to hear and respond to the statistic that 50% of our children in this area depend on food at school for their only nourishment each day.

Susan and William Wood of Whiteville wrote:

We wish you would give more coverage to Columbus County - we are just over the bridge.

Meghan Barron of Wilmington wrote:

My favorite news source. I listen to WHQR on my way to school and am always sharing stories with my students.

And Michael Barron wrote:

I brag about WHQR in every city I go on business or personal travel. You compare favorably to the best that public radio has to offer anywhere.

Listener Jonathan of Wilmington wrote:

only thing worse than classical is opera. only thing worse than opera is pipe dreams. only thing worse than pipe dreams is the DR show (when DR is hosting)... Please more local news at noon, and less repetitive plays of the same interview etc all afternoon… to your members who want more classical, you already have a 24 hr station! and THANKS, GREAT JOB!

Justin Dondero wrote:

I love the dynamic, sophisticated and stimulating programming/music on WHQR. I love starting my day with a good dose of classical music, and I find myself staying late at work to keep listening, especially when it comes to This American Life. The discussions on the Diane Rehm Show and All Things Considered provide some of the most reasoned, open-minded and non-partisan discourse on current events of all the journalistic shows in the States. It would be great to see a timeslot devoted to Indie music in the future, exploring up-and-coming and new artists on the fringes of mainstream music.

Nancy Geimer wrote:

Have been listening to WUNC generally so I'm missing most of your efforts. Will remark that the pledge breaks so seem unusually long, when I've popped over there on my car radio.)

Tom and Lisa Schutte wrote:

many a dinner conversation [is] started with 'did you hear on NPR”.

Listener Bill of Wilmington wrote:

It would be GREAT if we had a separate station for classical music so we can enjoy the MANY great offerings of news/talk available with other stations.

A reminder that our Spring Survey is still on-line, but we need to hear from you by a week from now, on Friday the 11th. You can find it online – just go to whqr.org. We hope to hear from you.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-WHQR. That’s 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.