Election Season on CoastLine

Each Wednesday and Thursday at noon, you'll meet candidates for local office as part of CoastLine's Election Season coverage.  We'll take your questions live, and you can email us any time at coastline@whqr.org to get your question in the queue. Meet the people who want to represent you—one on one—on CoastLine here on HQR News 91.3 FM. 

Listen for CoastLine Wednesday and Thursday at noon.  Ask a question any time.  

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New Hanover County, Brunswick County, & Pender County Poll Locations, Same-Day Registration Instructions, & More

Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer H2GO Commissioner 

Carl Antos

Bill Beer

Ron Jenkins

Rodney McCoy

Brayton Willis 

Don Yousey

Town of Wrightsville Beach Alderman 

Pat Bradford

Sounia Chaney

Ken Dull

Hank Miller

Pat Prince

City of Wilmington Council Member

Hollis Briggs, Jr. 

Clifford Barnett

Perry Fisher

Deb Hays

Caylan McKay

Kevin O'Grady

James Ray

Charlie Rivenbark

Philip White

City of Wilmington Mayor 

Bill Saffo

Todd Zola 

Town of Leland Council 

Pat Batleman

Bob Corriston

Joy Cranidiotis

Sandra Ford

Shirley Lawler, not actively pursuing candidacy

Town of Leland Mayor 

Brenda Bozeman

Lee Kent

City of Southport Mayor

Jerry Dove

Joe Hatem

City of Southport Alderman Ward 1

Karen Mosteller

Marc Spencer

Robert Tucker

City of Southport Alderman Ward 2

Nelson Adams 

Lora Sharkey

Town of Carolina Beach Mayor 

Joe Benson

Dan Wilcox

Town of Carolina Beach Council Member 

Gary Doetsch

​Sarah Friede

JoDan Garza

Tammy Hanson

LeAnn Pierce

Gary Toppin

Town of Kure Beach Mayor

Craig Bloszinsky

Chris Hald

Town of Kure Beach Commissioner

Dolores Coe

Jerry Dockery

John Ellen

Lisa Lowery, not actively pursuing candidacy

Allen Oliver

Emilie Swearingen

Town of Oak Island Mayor

Cynthia Brochure

Kenny Rogers

Town of Oak Island Councilman

John Bach

Clarissa Cope

Kevin Lindsey

Darrell Posey

David Purser

Loman Scott

Natasha Tatum, not actively pursuing candidacy

Other CoastLine 2017 Election Guests

Rae Hunter-Havens, Elections Director of New Hanover County

Aaron King, Assistant Professor, Department of Public and International Affairs University of North Carolina Wilmington

*Editor's Note: We have invited all candidates to attend the CoastLine Candidate Interviews. Any additional inquiries of Election 2017 can be sent to coastline@whqr.org.