Communique: Trippe & Vaughn Talk "Dirty White Rags"; 3 Wilmington Performances In July

Jun 28, 2016

The band Dirty White Rags has been playing original music for the past 5 years. The band has just released a long-awaited EP, Junk Mail For Strangers featuring 5 original songs; a full-length album is in the works for the end of the year. The group got started when classically trained musician David Vaughn heard Callan Trippe sing at an open mic night. Listen to Vaughn and Trippe talk about that meeting-and Trippe's favorite song-above.

At live performances, the band plays original music plus selections from the standard jazzy/bluesy repertoire. In July, there are 3 opportunities to experience the music live: Friday, July 1st at Satellite; Saturday, July 9th at Fermental; and Saturday, July 23 at Flytrap Brewery.  

Dirty White Rags

Dirty White Rags is composed of founding members Callan Trippe (lead vocals) and David Vaughn (keys, vocals), plus Patrick Carr (guitar), Stuart Currin (drums, vocals), and Samantha Lynn (bass, vocals).  Listen to the band playing live in this video.  

"Junk Mail For Strangers" EP