Communique: Storyteller Scott Davis Shares "Death By Scrabble"; Up Next Is "Percy The Cat"

Aug 1, 2016

Wilmington storyteller Scott Davis had a functional personal recording studio. It worked. He recorded stories in the studio, and they were good. But Davis wanted to up his game by creating a better recording space. He has done it by separating a sound booth from the production side of the operation.  The quality of his recordings are higher and ultimately, this set-up makes the work easier. Here's the result:

Ensemble Audio Studios by Scott Davis
Credit Scott Davis Live

Davis just recorded a story by London author Charlie Fish called Death by Scrabble. In about 2 weeks, he'll release his own story, the big project he's been working on for months: Percy the Cat. We'll share more of Davis' work when that piece is released, but for now, discover the unexpected outcome when an unhappy husband tries to kill his wife through his plays on a Scrabble board.  Listen above to the teaser-and find the whole story here.  

"It's a hot day...and I hate my wife. We're playing Scrabble-that's how bad it is." Charlie Fish's "Death By Scrabble" recorded by Scott Davis