Communique: Fuzz Jackson And Blue-Collar Hip-Hop

Jun 26, 2017

Fuzz Jackson
Credit WHQR/gg

Hip-hop artist Fuzz Jackson has been making music in Wilmington for 20 years. He just put out an album with Sam Brown called Leg Sweep Specialist. Listen to our short interview above and a longer interview below + links to his music. We talked about what hip-hop means to Fuzz, how hip-hop has changed, why you should give hip-hop a chance, and Gina argues that she is, indeed, hip (and Fuzz is kind enough to let that slide). Also discover the origin of the name, Leg Sweep Specialist.

Find the music we talk about in the interview all over the internet: Leg Sweep Specialist on YouTube, Below System Records, and Itunes, Fuzz Jackson on Facebook & Twitter, Sam Brown on FacebookTwitter

Aside from special performances, Fuzz Jackson can be found regularly at Duck & Dive open mic on first Monday nights of the month from about 10pm on.