Communique: Community Invitation To The Temple Of Israel | Friday, 5/5

May 4, 2017

This isn't the first time Rabbi Paul Sidlofsky has invited the non-Jewish community to the Temple of Israel. He says visitors are always welcome, but he's been setting aside special Sabbath evening services for visitors for 6 years now. Initially, the plan was to do it once a year...due to popular demand, this "Invite Your Neighbor" service is now twice a year. His aim is not to convert people, but to open up communication with the community. He says this year, this kind of outreach is more important than ever.

"Invite Your Neighbor" at Temple of Israel, 4th & Market Streets. Friday, May 5 at 8:00pm. This Sabbath service will be explained as it is conducted and is followed by "Oneg"-snacks and talk.
Rabbi Paul Sidlofsky
Credit Temple of Israel

Listen to Rabbi Sidlofsky talk about the event above. Below, he speaks about Reform Judaism, plus hear a snippet from one of his favorite songs (you might hear this one at the service).

"It really is a broad invitation so that anyone who wants to come can come and see what we do. And the goal is to educate and to create more of a sense of trust and communication among seems like this year, more than any other, there's a need for it."