Communique: 1950s Patio Party Kicks Off New Exhibit At Cape Fear Museum

Mar 14, 2017

Jeweled aluminum tumblers at the Cape Fear Museum
Credit CFM/Kitty Yerkes

According to my sources from the Cape Fear Museum, interest and nostalgia about the 1950s is trending. The Smithsonian Institute is tapping into this with an exhibit called Patios, Pools and the Invention of the American BackyardThis traveling exhibit will be up at the Cape Fear Museum through August. Frankly, the appeal of this topic wasn't immediately obvious to me until Terry Prior, Collections Assistant from the Cape Fear Museum, shared all the interesting cultural aspects of post-World War II America. Listen above. 

According to Terry, image was everything for the rising middle class in mid-20th century America. Spending time outdoors on a well-appointed backyard patio was a great way to show off. Creating the image of the perfect life was encouraged by media, especially advertising. 

Mid-century advertising will be on display
Credit Smithsonian Institute

Kitty Yerkes, the Director of Donor Relations at CFM, is excited to create the picture-perfect 1950s Patio Party in Museum Park to kick-off this exhibit. Dressing up for the party is more than welcome. Retro cocktails (and more) will be served on Thursday, March 23rd, 5:00pm-8:00. Live music from the School Boys, raffles, and an old-fashioned cook-out are all on the menu...minus the romantic fog of DDT!

The perfect backyard-white picket fence included
Credit Smithsonian Institute

Sponsorship levels to support this exhibit and party are Dream Development, Dream Neighborhood, Dream House, Dream Yard. 

No DDT at this Patio Party
Credit Smithsonian Institute

Kitty Yerkes & Terry Prior, Cape Fear Museum
Credit WHQR/gg