CoastLine: Desert Island Bookshelf

Mar 10, 2017
Credit Merriam-Webster Dictionary

When is the last time you picked up a book? I mean a real, honest to goodness book with a spine and a cover and maybe a few dog-eared pages inside. If it’s been too long, today’s CoastLine is for you. We’re going to go back to the days before smart phones and tablets, and talk about humankind’s greatest invention after fire and country ham, books.

In segment 1  of our show, I welcomed Gwenyfar Rohler, proprietor of Old Books on Front Street, the Queen of All Media as star of stage, screen radio and as of this past weekend, C-SPAN.

Also with us was indefatigable, omnivorous reader Ben Steelman of the Wilmington StarNews. When he’s not holed up in his favorite restaurant, enjoying Grecian Chicken with a book in his hand, no small feat, he writes about the arts, history, rumors and general lore of the Cape Fear, all based on the fact that he really knows how to read.

The second segment featured Ben and Jim Dodson, native North Carolinian, lover of sandy beaches, red clay farmland, and well-manicured golf courses. He’s written a number of award-winning books, many of them about golf, and he’s been the guiding light as editor behind the outstanding regional publications O. Henry in Greensboro, Pine Straw in Southern Pines, and Salt here in Wilmington.

Bookshelf in the Prunksaal (State Hall) of the Imperial Library of the Austrian National Library in Vienna
Credit By Matl - own work (photography), CC BY-SA 3.0,

For segment 3, Gwenyfar returned to have a chat with Jim.

We hope you found some great suggestions for reading in this show!