Women Organizing For Wilmington Rallies Against Possible NHRMC Sale Or Merger

Jan 27, 2020

Women Organizing For Wilmington, known as WOW, demonstrated downtown on Monday in opposition to the sale of New Hanover Regional Medical Center.  Some in the group insist that a deal has already been made.

“Save our hospital, save our hospital…”

WOW made its position clear at their rally in front of the old County Courthouse. Several WOW members, like Carol, strongly believe that County officials already sealed the deal for the hospital’s sale.

“I believe that and people that I'm close to believe that. And, I believe that the PAG and things, all the things that have come out after the fact are just trying to cover up. That's my belief. And time will tell.”

But members of the Partnership Advisory Group, which is charged with exploring a possible sale or merger for the County, are adamant that no such deal exists. PAG members Bill Cameron and Spence Broadhurst.

“If we find out that someone's got a hidden agenda and there's some deal, it's going to be bad. We are putting in incredible time.”

“It actually baffles, if somebody really is paying attention, if they're not just listening to sound bites and going off and getting in their political corner, but if they are really paying attention to what we're doing, it baffles me that somebody could believe that.”

The next PAG meeting is Thursday, Feb. 6, at New Hanover County Government Center. The next Save our Hospital meeting has yet to be scheduled.   Vince Winkel, WHQR News.