WILMA's Women to Watch Awards Recognizes Achievements of Local Women

Oct 30, 2014

The Greater Wilmington Business Journal and WILMA women’s magazine are now owned by Rob Kaiser, but it was a local businesswoman—Joy Allen—who founded both publications.  Over a decade after WILMA’s launch, Allen still thinks it’s important to recognize the achievements of local women.   

Joy Allen says that, in what has long been a man’s world, it isn’t a given that women are going to have the same success as men.  That’s why the WILMA Women to Watch Awards, held last Friday, highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of women.  WILMA’s co-editor, Vicky Janowski, says the WILMA Awards are meant to recognize those who are working to better the Wilmington community:

"We recognize women of success in all walks of life – from arts, to staying at home, to having a business; it’s really how you define success in your life.  And recognizing some of these women who really are balancing a lot in their lives and in their careers.  You know, we hear a lot about pay equity and trying to get more women into leadership, and that’s something that we pay close attention to.  And so, this award to us is important because it is trying to identify and give exposure and publicity to women who are poised to have leadership roles in this community."

The seven categories for the WILMA awards were business, health care, education, nonprofit work, public service, the arts, and rising star.