From the StoryCorps Archives: Gina Gambony and Bob Workmon on what is Beautiful

Sep 16, 2013

Just over two years ago, the StoryCorps mobile soundbooth came to Wilmington and recorded rich stories of family, heritage, and personal struggle. WHQR News is thrilled to bring this wonderful catalog of Wilmington back for a second look.

“This is who I am. Whatever issues I problems problems…strengths I have…however beautiful or ugly I am by social standards….This is who I am, I’m just going to kind of roll with it.” -Gambony

Gina Gambony (frequent substitute classical host) speaks with Bob Workmon (Moring Edition, Local Host) about the experience of having a brain tumor removed. She explores the concept of seeing beauty in the asymmetrical. It’s an uplifting tale from two of WHQR’s loving, and well-loved on-air personalities.