State Officials Say Continue Caution When It Comes To Water

Oct 3, 2018

The death toll in North Carolina from Hurricane Florence currently stands at 39. In New Hanover County, an 85-year old man died from an infected cut after cleaning storm debris. Much of the storm-related pollution, and risk for infection, is in the water.

With reports of hog and chicken waste and bodies flowing into the Cape Fear river, and possibly coal ash, officials are keeping a close eye on the water.

“What we're seeing as we transition now is more concern around mold as we know that folks have experienced water damage.”

Dr. Mandy Cohen is Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. She adds that people in the area need to be aware of potential water contamination, in light of animal waste coming down-river, and other possible spills.

“We want to make sure folks are paying close attention to their local water advisories that you have several that are still in boil water advisories right now and want to make sure that folks continue to follow those. I know that there is a bunch of testing going on right now and we want to make sure we wait for those test results before we give definitive guidance on what folks should you. So I'd say, stay tuned.”