Prologue: "Cold War" by Carole Fink

Oct 4, 2013

Join Ben Steelman of StarNews and WHQR with historian and writer Carole Fink for light refreshments and a discussion of her new book Cold War.

February 10th, 7 - 8pm

in The MC Erny Gallery at WHQR
254 N. Front Street, Third Floor
Wilmington, NC 28401

About the Author:
Fink is a diplomatic historian specializing in modern European international relations. Her Defending the Rights of Others, a book about international efforts to protect Jews and ethnic minorities, won the American Historical Association’s George Louis Beer Prize, as did her history of the Genoa Conference of 1921. She also authored a biography of the French social historian Marc Bloch.

More information on Fink and her work available here.


About Cold War, An International History: 
More than a bipolar conflict between two superpowers, the decades-long Cold War had implications for the entire world. In this accessible, comprehensive retelling, Carole K. Fink provides new insights and new perspectives on key events with an emphasis on people, power and ideas, and cultural coverage “from the Beetle to the Beatles.” Cold War goes beyond US-USSR relations to explore the Cold War from an international perspective, including key events and developments in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Fink also provides a broader timeline of the Cold War than any other text, charting the lead-up to the conflict like the Russian Revolution and World War II, and discussing the aftermath of the Cold War since 1992. (Description Credit: Westview Press)

More information on Cold War available here from Westview Press.