Permanent Housing for the Disabled Near Greenfield Lake is Progressing

Jul 18, 2014

It’s taken eight years of planning, but within the next twelve months, work could begin on a new permanent supportive housing facility near Greenfield Lake. WHQR’s Isabelle Shepherd reports the space would provide affordable housing for 40 disabled people. 

Permanent supportive housing resembles ordinary rental agreements. The difference: It is geared towards the disabled, including veterans and the elderly.

Good Shepherd, a nonprofit, is leading the creation of what has tentatively been dubbed Lakeside Reserve. Executive Director Katrina Knight says the new development is necessary due to the region’s affordable housing crisis:

“It is not difficult at all to find individuals and families and working people who are spending well over 50% if not over 75% of their income just on their rent and utilities. And that simply leaves too little left over to pay for their other life necessities and especially to address unexpected things that come up in all of our lives.”

Rent varies by individual, costing just 30% of the resident’s income. Supportive services, such as transportation and an on-site social worker, are provided. 

Developers say they’re aiming for a one-story, coastal cottage look that would fit with the larger neighborhood. 

The first phase of the project will likely include 16 one-bedroom units, along with common areas for residents to interact and share meals, office space for full-time staff, and a shared laundry facility.