GenX: Brunswick County Reports Lower GenX Levels In Water

Jul 11, 2017

Brunswick County has received the test results of the county’s raw and treated water from the Cape Fear River. It shows levels of GenX that are very different from those reported in a study from 2013 and 2014. 

The new test numbers are low.

Testing of water samples taken by Brunswick County in June showed the presence of GenX at 36.8 parts per trillion in raw water and 32.8 parts per trillion in treated water.

Those numbers are far less than what Dr. Detlef Knappe and others found in 2014. Average levels of GenX found in the Cape Fear River then were 631 parts per trillion.

The Division of Environmental Quality, began testing raw water and finished water at multiple locations beginning the week of June 19, to determine the levels of GenX and other similar compounds.

There are no U.S. regulatory guideline levels for GenX.

Additionally, the combined level of all PFOA and PFOS in the water tested had a level of 10 parts per trillion, below the EPA’s current health advisory of 70 parts per trillion.