Elections 2018: Hunter Ford Challenging For House District 19

Apr 24, 2018

Local business owner Hunter Ford is running for North Carolina House District 19, the southern portion of New Hanover County. The seat is currently occupied by his opponent in the primary, Republican Ted Davis.  Ford says that change is needed. 

The Wilmington businessman hosts a business show on the Big Talker, a local commercial radio station, giving pointers to entrepreneurs.

Hunter Ford also has some ideas on running the government of House District 19.

“Looking at the fact that a lot of our current representatives have been in office or their families have been in office for quite some time, there hasn’t been change. And I think change is something that’s rightfully needed in a city that’s growing as fast as Wilmington.” 

And there’s education.

“I think a fix that would help with the local school system would be to rotate teachers every five years. So they have a new challenge every five years instead of getting complacent. And that hasn’t been tried before.”

Early voting is already underway.

Listen to an extended interview with Hunter Ford