Cinematique Presents: "Paterson"

Feb 24, 2017

Monday, April 10 - Wednesday, April 12

Thalian Hall Main Stage

Monday - Wednesday at 7 pm

Wednesday at 4 pm

The new film from Jim Jarmusch focuses on a working-class poet (Adam Driver) in a small New Jersey town who practices his craft of amidst the quiet magic of everyday life as a city bus driver. Contrasted with the ever-changing world of his wife Laura, who while supporting Paterson’s poetic gift, dreams new ideas on a daily basis.   (Rated R, runtime 118 minutes)

From the critics:

Adam Driver gives his loveliest, most lyrical performance in this Jim Jarmusch film-one of the year's best-that takes its good, sweet time working its way into your mind and heart. But when it does, you're a goner. 

-Peter Travers Rolling Stone 

Paterson is easily one of Jarmusch's most accomplished films. He portrays the life of the mind and the workings of the creative soul as a kind of secret love affair, a deep, hidden well inside the most ordinary, mundane existence.

 -Tirdad Derakhshani  Philadelphia Inquirer

Read more about Paterson HERE.

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Admission is $7 (+ tax and $1 ticketing fee )