Stephen Fortlouis


Stephen Fortlouis was born and educated in Rhode Island and spent his early career as an English Instructor at the University of Rhode Island and at Oregon State University, transitioning to the world of Public Relations and Marketing where he remained for nearly forty years.

After 30 years in Raleigh, he and his wife retired to Wilmington a year ago. The Port City and its environs had always been in their minds as a final destination. That the market had radio frequencies supporting both NPR and classical music provided icing on the cake. WHQR's programming and community involvement are at an exceptional level that truly benefits the public at large through its commitment to coastal Carolina.

Having volunteered throughout their professional and personal lives and serving on boards for numerous cultural and community service organizations for 45 years, Stephen’s goal is to contribute that experience to WHQR.

With the support of his wife Sally, their four children and their partners (and my wonderful grandchildren), all is and will be possible.