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Not Sure If You're A Millennial Or Part Of Gen Z? We Want To Hear From You

We want to hear from you.
We want to hear from you.

Are you sandwiched between Millennials and Generation Z? NPR is exploring the nuances of life for people stuck in the middle of these two generations — those born in the mid-1990s to the early 2000s.

We want to learn more about what makes this group unique from Millennials and Gen Z.

Tell us about the ways you feel wedged in between the two. Maybe you don't get the appeal of apps Gen Z teens flock to (such as TikTok). Maybe you feel like you get judged by Millennials for never having had a Myspace account during its peak in the mid-2000s. Or maybe you have a constant fear of missing out because you don't feel like you fit in with either generation.

Your responses may be used in an upcoming NPR story. A reporter may contact you to follow up on your response. Share your thoughts with us below — or here, if you don't see the form.

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