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This week on The Newsroom: What makes a city, a city?

On this week's episode, guest-host Kelly Kenoyer digs into the great suburban experiment that has defined development in the United States ever since the invention of the car. Plus, an update on the housing crisis — or is it crises? — in Wilmington.

What defines a city? It’s not all housing and transportation: sometimes it’s the very fabric and stitching that holds a community together. It's the rules, regulations, and design philosophies that decide the economic, social, and visual coherence of a city — and whether any of it is sustainable.

So which neighborhoods are the most sustainable in Wilmington? And how can other neighborhoods follow suit?

To help answer those questions, we're joined on this episode by:

  • Glenn Harbeck, former planning director for the City of Wilmington
  • Daniel Harriges, the senior editor of Strong Towns,
  • Joseph Minicozzi, the founder of Urban3, a financial analysis firm that shows which parts of a city are subsidizing other parts with their taxes

Plus, WHQR News Director Ben Schachtman with an update on the battle for affordable housing and the ongoing mold disaster at the Wilmington Housing Authority.