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Wrightsville Beach PD and District Attorney say no charges, no prosecution in early-morning alleged assault

Benjamin Schachtman
Wrightsville Beach, NC.

The incident took place earlier this month. Two sisters claimed a man and his girlfriend violently assaulted him; the couple, who declined to be interviewed, told police that they were the victims. Police say they were unable to find any third-party witnesses or other evidence, leading them to drop the case.

Around 5 a.m. on Wednesday, July 14th, sisters Nadia and Jasmine Evans say they were on the beach when a couple approached their belongings; according to the sisters, a verbal confrontation quickly escalated into a physical assault.

The man they alleged had assaulted them denied to police that he was to blame, pointing to bite marks and bruising on his back. The sisters claim these were defensive wounds inflicted during the fight. WHQR spoke to the family of the man, but they ultimately chose not to go on record.

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According to a statement sent from District Attorney Ben David's office on behalf of the Wrightsville Beach Police Department (WBPD), prosecutors and the lead investigator on the case conducted a critical case review, and ultimately decided that — due to the lack of witnesses, video surveillance, or other evidence — there was insufficient grounds to arrest or prosecute any of the parties involved.

"The decision not to arrest or not to prosecute is a reflection of our shared commitment to be guided by the evidence and not by assertions or sentiment. The principle that one one should be arrested or prosecuted without probable cause being established, is foundational to our system of justice," WBPD Chief David Squires wrote in a statement.

David added, " [m]y senior prosecutors and I, who have reviewed this case, endorse the conclusions contained in the letter."

Below: Complete statement from WBPD Chief David Squires