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Spring 2017 Survey Results


Here are the top-line results from our recent Listener Survey. Thanks to all who participated. Some observations:

  1. The Total is a product of the number of people voting for a given program and the average score (1-9, low to high). As in past years, All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and NPR Hourly Newscasts are the top vote-getters.
  2. 417 respondents is considerably more than the last couple of years. There is reason for confidence in this data set. That said, there is reason for caution...
  3. This is a self-selected survey, not randomized. If it were a 1-issue poll, care should be taken lest the questions be dominated by strongly-held (i.e., not typical) views. But it’s a large sample, and results are broadly consistent with past years’ results, suggesting a degree of confidence in what’s being measured.
  4. It’s technically a Listener Survey, since anyone can respond. But almost all responding are Members. There’s a difference.
  5. Like all such surveys, it’s largely backward-looking. It may be able to describe what people like now, or in the recent past. It doesn’t have predictive power.
  6. Miscellaneous note #1: a good number of people rated Car Talk, but not necessarily to praise it; it got a low average score in comparison to the number voting. For most other shows, there’s a surprisingly close fit between the number of people voting for a program and its average score.
  7. It’s not surprising that weekly shows tend to score higher than weekend shows (Weekend Edition, Wait Wait and Science Friday are exceptions). The Cultural Calendar scored high for a segment less than 2 minutes long.
  8. 1A’s scores are far from Diane Rehm’s, but c’mon — it’s a brand new show, in a way. It will be interesting to see if it picks up new listeners.
  9. BBC Newshour is surprisingly strong. This tallies with our experience in fundraising.

Questions or comments? Submit them to feedback@whqr.org.

Thanks again!