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James Green: Could The Building Blocks Of Life Exist Elsewhere In Our Solar System?

Part 1 of theTED Radio Hour episodeThe Next Frontier.

About James Green's TED Talk

Earth may not be the only place in our solar system with life, says James Green. New data shows life might have existed on Mars, and could exist now. But what does that mean for us on Earth?

About James Green

James Green is a space physicist who has spent his career at NASA. In 2018, Green was named NASA Chief Scientist.

Previously, Green managed the Space Physics Analysis Network, and was the head of the National Space Science Data Center and Chief of the Space Science Data Operations Office.

From 2006 until his appointment as NASA Chief Scientist, Green served as the Director of the Planetary Science Divisionat NASA Headquarters, where he oversaw several successful missions.

Green has written over 100 scientific journal articles, and he is the recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award and Japan's Kotani prize.

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