New Vocational High School In The Works for New Hanover County

Sep 15, 2015

New Hanover County Board of Education is setting to work on its next Strategic Plan.  A new vocational high school may be included in the proposal. 

The New Hanover County Board of Education is looking into building a vocational high school on the Cape Fear Community College campus.  Edward Higgins, member of the Board of Education, says they’re looking to the county and the state to provide funding for this project:

"The estimate is that we need about 10 million dollars because the proposed construction would really be a classroom building where students who were interested in the vocational / technical aspects of high school would do their classroom work and then Cape Fear Community College would provide the vocational, technical training that is associated with that."

Higgins says the Board does not intend to use the 2014 school bond to fund this project. That bond money is already spoken for.

Higgins says he hopes the vocational school will open its doors by 2017.