GenX: Chemours Launches Carbon Adsorption Beds To Treat Air Emissions

May 29, 2018

On Tuesday, Chemours announced that carbon adsorption bed technology has been installed at two locations on its Fayetteville Works plant on the Cape Fear River. This is supposed to reduce the emissions of GenX into the air immediately.

Chemours officials say in a statement that carbon adsorption beds are now fully operational.

The company describes it as “state-of-the-art technology,” designed to immediately provide a significant reduction in air emissions of GenX, which also is known as C3 dimer acid.

The announcement comes almost two months after the Department of Air Quality reported that Chemours is emitting roughly 2,700 pounds - that’s more than a ton - of GenX into the air each year.

It was in early April when the state’s Department of Environmental Quality put Chemours on notice, telling the chemical company that it must show how it will keep air emissions at the facility from contaminating groundwater or face the possible loss of its permit.

Chemours says it is also investing in emission control technology including upgrades to a waste gas scrubber that will be ready in October. The company says it will spend over $100 million at the Fayetteville Works facility to make it a best-in-class facility with respect to air and wastewater emission control.

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