Brunswick County Veterans Affairs Outreach Clinic May Move to Larger Facility This Year

Jan 28, 2016

Veterans seeking care in Brunswick County may soon have access to a larger facility.  At a recent Veterans Affairs town hall meeting, the regional director hinted at changes to come within the next year.  

Elizabeth Goolsby, regional director of the VA, says the Brunswick County VA Outreach Clinic started as an experiment – to see whether there were enough patients in the area and to test its reception:

“Well, it has really been well received, and we’ve outgrown space. So, we are going to start looking for new space, and I expect by this time next year we are going to be in a larger facility, still in Brunswick area, still in Brunswick County. Don’t know exactly where it’s going to be, but this is our continuing commitment to the veterans, and the veterans have said, ‘Yes, we want this service here, and we continue to use it.’ So we’re delighted with that.”

But at the town hall meeting, Joe Maggiola of Southport Veterans Group says that space isn’t the issue, but rather a lack of consistent doctors and poor scheduling.