Beethoven's Late String Quartets

May 3, 2012


The late string quartets of Beethoven performed in completion by the Cypress String Quartet is enchanting. The Cypress String Quartet formed in 1996 and is comprised of Cecily Ward violin, Tom Stone violin, Ethan Filner viola, and Jennifer Kloetzel cello. 

The late string quartets were composed near the end of Beethoven’s life these quartets were constructed at the peak of his gifted imagination.  Often known as a transitional composer from the Classical to the Romantic era, these string quartets are greatly allusive to former Classical composers Mozart and Haydn.


Beethoven’s late string quartets are known to be some of the most magnificent compositions in the repertoire. The Cypress String Quartet manifests this common thought into pure, skilled, artistic music.  Throughout each movement there is a clear connection felt through each of the four parts. Each member of the quartet is committed to playing the music with the correct amount of close attention to detail and dramatic expressive qualities that the music calls for.  Each movement embodies a certain sensitivity evoked by the player’s artistry, along with the player’s understanding of the composer’s desire of how the music should be played. The Cypress String Quartet delivers a high quality musical performance of Beethoven’s late string quartet that listeners will be throughly appreciative and engaged in every note bowed.