Primary 2018: Ted Davis Easily Beats Challenger For Republican Spot In NC House District 19

May 8, 2018

North Carolina Representative Ted Davis, Jr. served on the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners before his appointment to the state House in 2012.  Despite a primary challenge from newcomer Hunter Ford, this New Hanover County Republican now goes on to battle a Democrat and a Libertarian in November.

While fellow Republican Hunter Ford challenged Davis as he seeks a fourth term, Ford lost by 35 percentage points. 

Davis says he’s eager to use his seniority in the House to get things done for New Hanover County as Chair of the House Committee on North Carolina River Quality.

"I have worked across the aisle with Democrats on certain issues.  I did it with film.  I did it with the water quality.  As a matter of fact, I will say I’m very proud of this that that water quality bill that the House passed that the Senate did not agree to was the first bill anyone can remember where there was a unanimous vote of both Democrats and Republicans on an environmental bill."

Now, says Davis, he’s focused on trying to get the Senate to agree to more funding for the GenX issue – specifically for the Department of Environmental Quality.

Davis now faces Democrat Marcia Morgan and Libertarian David Perry on the November ballot.