NHC Commission Candidate Nelson Beaulieu (D): Now Is Not the Time to Cut Taxes, County Services

Sep 19, 2016

New Hanover County Commission candidate Nelson Beaulieu is an Army veteran who now teaches history and political science at Cape Fear Community College.  This is the Democrat’s first time running for political office.  Beaulieu wants to serve on the Board of Commissioners to help the county prepare for the projected population influx.    

With New Hanover County growing rapidly, Nelson Beaulieu says now is not the time to cut taxes and county jobs.  Had he been on the Board during the most recent budget session, he says he would have voted for the tax increase in order to support voter-approved debt:

"There was talk about maybe holding back on some hirings for child protective services or other areas.  If you do that, what happens is that when that growth materializes and when you have 125,000 more residents, then you have to hire new people and get them up to speed at a time when you’re already behind the ball."

Beaulieu also thinks that improving public transportation is also key to preparing for population growth in the county.