Cinematique Presents "My Old Lady"

Oct 24, 2014

In this warm and witty comedy from the great American playwright Isreal Horovitz, New Yorker Mathias Gold (Kevin Kline) inherits a Parisian apartment from his estranged father. But when Gold arrives in France to sell his newly acquired home, he is surprised by a tenant who refuses to budge. His apartment turns out to be a viager - an ancient French real estate system- with some complicated, rather funky rules. Gold finds himself in a contract that forces him to pay monthly installments to the feisty old lady (Maggie Smith) and her live-in daughter (Kristin Scott Thomas) who have inhabited his apartment. (PG-13, 1hr 47 min)

Monday - Wednesday, November 24-26, 7 pm

Thalian Hall Main Stage 

"What starts as an elaborate sitcom becomes an emotionally substantial tragicomedy." - John Anderson, Newsday

"One finds oneself wishing to spend many a dinner with Smith and Kline as conversation partners, as their banter is both humorous and razor-edged.  "- Penny Walker, Arizona Republic