WHQR Radio Statement on Diversity and Donor Privacy Policy

WHQR's Statement on Diversity

Affirmed by vote of the Board of Friends of Public Radio, Inc., September 17, 2015

WHQR strives to maintain and support a board, staff, advisory board and program services that reflect the communities it serves. WHQR believes that diversity considerations include race, gender, disability, protected veterans, religious belief, geography, age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, physicality, education and socio-economic status.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Diversity Eligibility Criteria require that public media organizations like WHQR formally adopt goals for diversity and report to the community progress towards reaching those goals. WHQR is firmly committed to providing equal employment opportunity to all persons. WHQR will comply with all applicable federal laws and will not discriminate in all aspects of the employment relationship on the basis race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disability. In addition, WHQR will comply with fair employment laws adopted by the State of North Carolina.

With that in mind, WHQR has the following goals and guiding principles related to diversity:

  • To recruit, support and retain a diverse workplace that represents the community it serves. Particular attention is paid to the staff that create content.
  • To produce content that includes diverse voices, opinions and perspectives.
  • To provide equal opportunity in employment and follow all EEO guidelines and principles as set forth by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. These reports are posted on our web site, WHQR.ORG.
  • To seek candidates for WHQR's Board and Community
  • Advisory Board that represent the diversity of communities it serves.
  • To create and maintain opportunities for emerging radio professionals from diverse backgrounds to develop the skills needed to succeed in Public Radio.
  • WHQR will seek to interview at least one qualified diversity candidate for each senior leadership position hired. The term senior leadership position includes: Station Manager, Business Manager, Development Director, Program Manager, and other equivalent positions.

WHQR undertakes at least one of the following initiatives on an annual basis:

  • Conducting an internship program.
  • Participating in job banks, internet programs, and other programs to promote job vacancies.
  • Establish training programs for station personnel to acquire professional skills.
  • Provide management level training on methods of ensuring equal opportunity and preventing discrimination.

WHQR Radio Donor Information Security Procedure

Donor privacy and security is a top priority for WHQR Radio. Gifts received during on-air pledge drives are entered into an electronic format that is loaded into a secure database. All electronic pledge submissions are encrypted, secure, and password protected. All stored credit card information is access-restricted to WHQR's database manager.

WHQR Radio Donor List and E-mail Subscriber Privacy Policy

WHQR has always had a policy of absolute donor confidentiality. WHQR has never shared its donor or e-mail lists with any organization. WHQR will never share its donor or e-mail lists with any organization. WHQR's news and informational programming make up the core of the station's public service. Any activity that undermines the credibility of such programming debases the currency of our realm; and, clearly, trading donor or e-mail lists with political organizations or partisan organizations would undermine the station's reputation for balance, fairness, and accuracy. Moreover, a listener's decision to support WHQR or to join a WHQR mailing list is a fundamentally private decision. WHQR is committed to keeping that decision private.