2020 Elections

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US House District 7 - D

  • Robert Colon 

  • Mark Judson

  • Christopher M. Ward 

NC House District 19 - R 

  • Charlie Miller

  • David A. Perry 

NC House District 19 - D 

  • James Dawkins, Jr. 

  • Marcia Morgan

NC House District 20 - R 

  • Ted Davis, Jr. 

  • Justin LaNasa

NHC Commissioner - D 

  • Jonathan Barfield, Jr. 

  • Don Betz 

  • Leslie Cohen

  • Kyle Horton

  • Steve Miller 

  • Travis Robinson 

NHC Commissioner - R 

  • Deb Hays 

  • John Lyon 

  • Frank Christopher Meares

  • Ricky Meeks 

  • Matt Rhodes 

  • Bill Rivenbark 

  • Skip Watkins 



  • Janice Cavenaugh

  • Frederick Fisher 

  • Stephanie Kraybill

  • Pete Wildeboer 

BC Commissioner D3 -R 

  • Pat Sykes 

  • Jeff Winecoff

BC BOE D2 - R 

  • Catherine D. Cooke 

  • David M. Robinson 


  • Shirley C. Babson 

  • Steven Barger 

  • Ellen G. Milligan

Katelyn Freund / WHQR

The 2020 Primary is underway in North Carolina.  Early voting lasts through Saturday.  Election Day is next Tuesday, March 3rd.  WHQR spoke with the Democratic candidates competing for three open seats on New Hanover County’s Board of Commissioners. 

Katelyn Freund / WHQR

Early voting in the 2020 Primaries is underway through this Saturday, February 29th.  Election Day is next Tuesday, March 3rd.  In the race for New Hanover County Commissioner, six Democratic candidates are competing for three open seats.  Don Betz, Leslie Cohen, and Travis Robinson are half the Democratic slate.  

North Carolina’s primary election is underway.  This is the chance for voters to decide which party nominees compete in the November election.  Early Voting runs through February 29th and Election Day is March 3rd.