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During the rule of Antiochus, Jews played a diversion similar to the modern dreidel game. 

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Caroling is synonymous with Christmas.  Yet the tradition actually began from the practice of singing songs during church processions in the Middle Ages. 

Sounds of the Season: Thanksgiving Prayer

Nov 21, 2012

In 1789, President George Washington deemed November 26th a day of “sincere and humble thanks,” though the practice of yearly gratitude had existed in some states since the 1600s. 

Hindus locally and worldwide just finished celebrating Diwali, the colorful New Year Festival where prayers are made to the elephant god Lord Ganesha and to the Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and wisdom.

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Just five years ago, growth at First Baptist Church in Jacksonville had plateaued. This year, the church made Outreach Magazine’s annual list of the 100 Fastest Growing Churches in the United States.

During the May 8 primary elections, some voters arriving at Devon Park Methodist Church questioned the message on the church’s sign that said: “A TRUE MARRIAGE IS MALE AND FEMALE AND GOD.”

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Hundreds of people traveled from across Southeastern North Carolina to line Market Street Friday wearing red and holding American flags to honor Sergeant T.J. Butler.

With just 12 days until the end of North Carolina’s voter registration period on Oct. 12th, local and state political and faith-based groups are branching out to churches to get out the vote.

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North Carolina-based ZOE Ministry has helped more than 27,000 African orphans boost themselves out of poverty in the last five years.

Friday Feedback for June 15, 2012

Jun 15, 2012

Listener Sally of Oak Island wrote:

The United Way of the Cape Fear Area is taking a village approach in one of its homelessness prevention programs, Circles of Support.

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 Of the more than 220 student organizations on the UNCW campus,  16 are registered as religious.

Wilmington FAVs

May 29, 2012

Amanda Greene talks with Bob Workmon about her Faith and Values series.

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In 2009, Time Warner Cable made a business decision to shut down Wilmington’s public access channel, which mainly broadcast programming from area churches.

It’s the nondenominational, Muslim and Mormon communities that have seen the most growth in the Cape Fear region in the last decade.

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For the second part of our series on marriage leading up to the constitutional amendment vote on Tuesday, Amanda Greene of Wilmington Faith and Values tells the love story of Kure Beach residents Mario and Judi Paparozzi.

In North Carolina’s debate about Amendment One, set for a vote on May 8, marriage has become an abstract concept – either defined as a civil right or a gift from God or both.

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Ephesus Junior Academy closed at the end of 2010 with just FOUR students on its rolls – when the minimum requirement was twelve students.

Faith-based advocacy groups are mobilizing statewide campaigns on both sides of the debate surrounding a marriage amendment that will appear on the May 8th primary ballot.

Wilmington Faith and Values

Brunswick County has its first homeless shelter network, thanks to a growing group of churches that have banded together in the area.