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Early voting for the 2020 Primary Elections in North Carolina begins Thursday, February 13. So what do voters need to know before heading to the polls?


Presidential election years bring out the voters, and with Tuesday’s sunshine and warm temps, the 2016 primary is no exception.  Whether it was the nice day, political fervor, or a combination of factors, precincts in Brunswick County and downtown Wilmington were buzzing with activity.

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Responding to complaints made by the New Hanover County Democratic Party, the New Hanover County Board of Elections denies any alleged disenfranchisement of student voters.  There have been no reports of voters being turned away for any reason, including inability to state their street addresses. 

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In New Hanover County, dormitory students who cannot state their street address will not be allowed to cast a regular ballot in the coming election.  The New Hanover County Democratic Party is challenging this procedure, saying it disenfranchises student voters.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals suspended prohibitions against same-day voter registration and out-of-precinct voting last week.  But the State Board of Elections is still cautioning voters to register before the voter registration deadline this Friday.