Nick Santillo for WHQR

It was three years ago this weekend that the story broke...there are chemical contaminants in the Cape Fear that are also in our drinking water.  WHQR’s Vince Winkel has been following the story from the beginning.  He looks back over what’s happened...and where we are today.

Vince Winkel

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality is investigating a non-PFAS spill that entered the Cape Fear River from Chemours Fayetteville Works yesterday. Local water utility officials say they’ve taken measures to ensure customers aren’t impacted.

Vince Winkel

In New Hanover County, thousands of people are at risk of being exposed to methyl bromide. That’s an odorless, colorless, toxic gas used in log fumigation. Logs have to be treated before they can be shipped overseas. The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality is changing its regulations involving methyl bromide. 


On Thursday the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality filed a Revised Consent Order in Bladen County Superior Court. DEQ has asked the court to enter the order, initially filed in November, to hold the Chemours Company accountable for PFAS contamination, including GenX, in the Cape Fear Region.