Kevin Spears

At Tuesday evening’s city council meeting, council voted 5-2 to approve the “Black Lives Do Matter, End Racism Now” art installation at Jervay Place. The meeting was at times emotional and tense.

On Tuesday evening, City Council approved rezoning for a 78-unit apartment complex targeted for UNCW students on Racine Drive, and appropriated an additional $165,000 for municipal golf course clubhouse improvements. As for the public art installation in support of Black Lives Matter, that’s still an ongoing issue.

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What to do with the Confederate Monuments that sit in major intersections in downtown Wilmington? 

That was the issue dominating a forum on race – hosted last night by Mayor Bill Saffo and City Council Member Kevin Spears.  The  answer could come as soon as Tuesday.


Mayor Saffo says he’s exploring options for removal of the statues – which are protected by a 2015 state law.  One of the options, used by Governor Roy Cooper to remove statues from public spaces in Raleigh, is to declare them threats to public safety. 


Hannah Breisinger

It was a tense City Council meeting in Wilmington this week, with Black Lives Matter protesters in attendance, demanding changes to police procedures and the city budget.

Hannah Breisinger

Kevin Spears focused his campaign for city council on the priorities of Wilmington’s underserved citizens. Now, six months in office, he spoke with WHQR’s Hannah Breisinger about the biggest issues facing the city’s black community. 


Hannah Breisinger

 Wilmington’s City Council has a new addition. Kevin Spears was sworn in December 3, 2019, alongside Neil Anderson, Mayor Bill Saffo, and Mayor Pro Tem Margaret Haynes.

Kevin Spears is running as a Democrat for the New Hanover County Board of Education. He says neighborhood schools aren't the best way to serve the area’s students.  

New Hanover County’s Board of Education has three open seats this year.   On September 7th, we met the Republicans.  On this edition of CoastLine, we meet the Democrats vying for those spots – which carry four-year terms.  All three are seeking first terms on what is currently an all-Republican Board.


Sandra Leigh, seeking first term

Emma Saunders, seeking first term

Kevin Spears, seeking first term

On March 15th, voters will select three out of five Democratic candidates to run for New Hanover County Board of Education.  If elected, Kevin Spears' main goal is to level the playing field for inner city schools.