Echo Farms

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The city of Wilmington and New Hanover County appear on track to purchase a section of what was once the Echo Farms Golf Club. Last week, county commissioners told staff to approach the developer of Echo Farms and negotiate a purchase that would give the county 18 acres of land. Now it’s up to Wilmington to agree to partner on the purchase and development.

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Every successful municipality will inevitably grapple with the push-pull of growth versus green space –  how to grow a tax base without over-developing a city.  Echo Farms, a development within the City of Wilmington, is at the center of this battle in the Cape Fear region. 

City of Wilmington:

In August of last year, news broke about a proposed redevelopment of the Echo Farms golf course. Residents of the surrounding neighborhoods claim the very idea of the project has already decreased the value of their homes, but the numbers paint a more complex picture. 

Matrix Development Group submitted their site plans for The Woodlands development to the city of Wilmington last fall. Ever since then, Echo Farms residents have been filing into city council meetings to protest the changes and call for the preservation of the golf course.