Dead Crow Comedy Club

One common format for comedy shows is the comic trifecta: the host, the feature, and the headliner. Stand-up comics can be solitary creatures; even within the trifecta, they may not speak to each other or even make eye contact. Two Wilmington-based comedians joined me in the studio...I tried to unravel the inner workings of the comedian species-without much success-but with some interesting insights gleaned. What kind of comedians are there? And what is the comedian habitat? Listen to Jamey Stone and Timmy Sherrill give us a peek above. These comedians can be caught in the wild (i.e., onstage), along with Drew Harrison, performing Comedy in Hell at Hell's Kitchen on Wednesday night.

Listen up ladies: If you have even an inkling of attraction to comedy, Blaire Postman wants you to give it a shot. This comedian says there just aren't enough women coming out to Open Mic Nights in Wilmington, so she's holding a 4-week Stand-Up Comedy Class to prepare you. If you just want to get a feel for the comedy community, there is a no-obligation Women in Comedy Panel, featuring women who do stand-up, improv, sketch comedy, and book shows at comedy clubs.

Barry Crimmins is a man who has worn many hats in his life-peace activist, political satirist, stand-up comic, columnist, correspondent, and general iconoclastic agitator.