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Here's to 25 More Years!

Feb 7, 2012

When Andy Wood walked into WHQR's headquarters on Greenfield St. twenty-five years ago, he only wanted to record a few public service announcements.

DMC / Flickr Commons

While lovers of  more modern free verse poetry might scoff at the rhyming verses of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Literary Commentator Gwenyfar Rohler applauds his ingenuity within the constraints of form.

Commentator Annie-Gray Johnston is never short on comedy. 

Bridge, Anyone?

Jan 26, 2012
Vito / Flickr Commons

When Commentator Nan Graham heard the news that a couple of brothers from Pennsylvania had stolen a bridge in nearby New Castle, she wasn't as shocked as others.

sarflondondunc / Flickr Commons

There's more to the old practice of wishing someone "Break a leg" before a live performance than you might think.

Madhu V. Singh / Flickr Commons

Pushing through a blizzard in the nerve-wracking company of big rigs one winter night, Commentator Philip Gerard feared he would not make it off of I-80 alive.

When Birds Attack...

Jan 17, 2012
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / Flickr Commons

When a local homeowner asked Commentator Andy Wood  for help with a tufted titmouse attacking her window, he wondered if there were others in the community facing a similar problem.

Hatters! / Flickr Commons

Charles Dickens's classic story set during the French Revolution tells of one people at a singular time.

The Point Being?

Jan 10, 2012
Annie-Gray Johnston

Commentator Annie-Gray Johnston knows that life is filled with the inexplicable...

Patriots, Arise!

Jan 5, 2012
simon.stamm / Flickr Commons

Commentator Nan Graham is not one to catch the vapors easily.

Farm and Home

Dec 29, 2011
Katie Weilbacher / Flickr Commons

Author and creative writing professor Philip Gerard is more likely to need a pen than a hammer in his day-to-day life.

Yule for Y'all

Dec 22, 2011
AndrewEick / Flickr Commons

'Tis the season when filling your home with cheer is standard practice.

My Mother, Beth

Dec 20, 2011
Annie Gray Johnston

Most parents leave their children scratching their heads from time to time, but Annie Gray's mother is a hoot all her own.

orijinal / Flickr Commons

Five-year-old Philip Gerard had little to look forward to on his annual back-to-school trip to the mall.

Leaving Nigel

Dec 13, 2011
hkase / Flickr Commons

Leaving work one evening in Washington D.C., Shane Fernando thought the most he had to look forward to was a warm meal and a comfortable chair.

The Kiss of Mistletoe

Dec 6, 2011
Fool-on-the-Hill / Flickr

Mistletoe has been  a staple of the Christmas season for as long as we all can remember.

dougtone / Flickr Commons

Road trips always seem to be filled with unexpected mishaps. 

Working amidst powder pink and egg shell blue bundles at a children's clothing store years ago, Annie Gray Johnston imagined that motherhood would be sweet and rewarding.

magnuscanis / Flickr Commons

For Shane Fernando, the magic of Christmas does not stop at egg nog, logs crackling in the fireplace, and gifts under the tree.

Mother Load

Nov 24, 2011
Racing Mix / Flickr Commons

Nan Graham is no stranger to old-fashioned, home-spun wisdom.

Life Is Good / Flickr Commons

For the typical American, Thanksgiving conjures up images of pilgrims, Indians, and Turkeys browning in the oven.

Euphemisms Are Us

Nov 17, 2011
Christopher Dale / Flickr

Though known for her molasses-thick southern accent, Nan Graham is not always a sweet-talker.

Strike Vote

Nov 17, 2011
Kr. B. / Flickr

As the deciding vote in a teacher's strike, Philip Gerard must choose with whom he sides--

Corn Maze

Nov 15, 2011
mrsdkrebs / Flickr Commons

Taken with the beauty of autumn, commentator Shane Fernando does not go the usual route of pumpkin picking or hay rides.

Global Awareness

Nov 8, 2011 / Wikimedia Commons

The wealth of  sometimes contradicting information about the health of our environment can be overwhelming.

Backyard Boat

Nov 7, 2011
Geo Swan / Wikimedia Commons

Visiting his grandfather as a child, Commentator Philip Gerard found the boat eternally docked to a neighbor's back porch laughable.

The Maco Light

Nov 1, 2011
By Josh Bluntschli / Wiki Commons

Following a long-standing New Hanover High School tradition, commentator Shane Fernando and six of his friends  headed out...

Squirrely Like a Fox

Oct 25, 2011

"Not since the winds of hurricane Irene..."

The Big Year

Oct 15, 2011

"The Big Year has to be a refreshing..."

Wilmington NC –

Andy Wood is Education Director for Audubon North Carolina and author of Backyard Carolina, a collection of his WHQR commentaries.


When can't know the minute when it began...

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Nan Graham's WHQR commentaries have been collected in her books, In a Magnolia Minute, and the newly re-published Turn South at the Next Magnolia. You can visit her on her website