Betsy Jordan

Betsy Jordan / Rick Catlin

Republican Rick Catlin will return for a second term to the North Carolina House of Representatives.  Challenger Betsy Jordan lost District 20 to Catlin by a 24% margin. 

Representative Catlin says he received positive feedback regarding his first term while out on the campaign trail:

Betsy Jordan / Rick Catlin

In 2013, the North Carolina legislature eliminated medical expense deductions from the tax code.  The issue was the primary focus of a recent political debate held at a senior living community in Porters Neck.  The loss of the medical deductions was particularly contentious between the candidates for State House District 20, which covers the northern portion of New Hanover County.

Democrat Betsy Jordan challenged incumbent Rick Catlin for being part of the legislature that passed the 2013 budget:

At a Candidate Forum in WHQR’s M.C. Erny Gallery Monday night, a partnership of HQR News and WWAY Newschannel 3, Republican Incumbent Rick Catlin and Democratic Challenger Betsy Jordan told voters that they both value public education, the environment, and the film industry. 

Catlin Challenger Jordan Identifies Film as Signature Issue

Jul 18, 2014
Betsy Jordan / Rick Catlin

Betsy Jordan, who is Rick Catlin’s Democratic opponent for the North Carolina House of Representatives, has already identified her signature issue: film. WHQR’s Isabelle Shepherd reports.

District 20’s Republican incumbent, Rick Catlin, has voted to convert the film tax rebate to a grant program. But his challenger, Betsy Jordan, says this isn’t enough to keep North Carolina competitive in the film industry.