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Communique: Wilmington Astrologer Kimberly Logan Gives Metaphysical Perspective On The Eclipse

Robert Fludd's "Utriusque Cosmi Historia," Oppenheim
An Astrologer Casting a Horoscope, 1617

We've heard from the astronomers about the great solar eclipse of 2017, but what about their forerunners, the astrologers? Astrologers aren't part of the mainstream scientific community these days, but the practice is as old as the stars. I spoke with Kimberly Logan about what this eclipse means for people in her realm. She's a Reiki Master, licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist, Astrologer, Tarot reader, and more. Listen above, or read the extended transcript below. Find out more about Kimberly's practice at her website.


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Kimberly Logan

Kimberly: I am a Western astrologer, which more concentrates on the psychological aspects and predictive. I'm a massage therapist and I do readings with Tarot at the same time to get a really well rounded reading. And I do Reiki, I'm a Reiki Master, and foot detoxes. So I do a wide range of things at one time.


Gina: How did you get into this line of work?

Kimberly: My grandmother was dying, and I was 12 years old. I wanted to figure out a way that I could help her or try to track what the disease was going to do. So I decided I was going to learn about astrology, medical astrology and I started reading Tarot cards with it to kind of gauge what to expect.

You know, if she was going to recover what I could do to make things better. And it just evolved into a career.

Gina: A lot of people don't really understand what astrology is, or Tarot...but there's enough people here in our area that you actually can make a career of this?

Kimberly: Yes, this is all I do. Because I'm more of a holistic practitioner and I think in terms of body, mind, and spirit. And astrology is not what most people think it is, there are so many aspects. There's Vedic astrology, which is so accurate, but it can be very pointed and it scares people, where Western astrology wants to get to the heart of the person and their motivations and what is behind them. And what can I do with this, now that I have this. And sometimes it comes with a challenge.

You have to guide them, what can I use this [for example] moon in Aries energy for? You would definitely want to be in a position where you could have something unusual that you do or you want to work in the military or police because these people have no fear. They will go in where other people are terrified to go. So I try to get them to use their abilities for something that works with them instead of fighting against what's going on. 


Like right now, we're having a Mercury retrograde and soon we're going to be having this solar eclipse. So the retrograde is interested in finishing up old business. Should you start a new one? No. But you should problem solve. And it usually takes twice to go to do something. You want to go pay a bill? The system is down you have to go back and do it again. So there's so many things...you work with the flow instead of going against it. And that is what I do, you know use my astrology for, to help people get in the flow of life and what their benefits are and how to deal with challenges.

Gina: Tell me about the significance of an eclipse from the perspective of an astrologer.

Kimberly: So think about in terms of the sun, which represents our ego, how the whole world sees us, and think in terms of the moon that represents our feelings and emotions that sometimes are hidden. And then think about it going dark and we're able to see our shadow side that we didn't even know existed. Have you not noticed the upheaval over the last few days? And for me, I have a moon in Virgo, so my nervous system is always affected. So I could feel my nervous system being very sensitive and I knew it was going to fall in my house of health. So I've had jus nervous kind of issues, anxiety and things like that. Certain signs have certain astrological patterns of their health.

So think in terms of the moon- all the things that you have hidden, that you thought were addressed, start to come up like layers of an onion to be dealt with. So it can be very disturbing. But at the same time it can be freeing. All those old demons that you had a long time ago that you wanted to forget about, maybe back in school or growing up, but they're still affecting you in some way now and you sometimes are just triggered by it. This has given you the opportunity to grow as a person or you can push it back down and pretend it didn't happen, but you're going to have a really hard time.


Gina: Talk about how this affects people-it might affect some people more than others?


Kimberly: If you are in a place of repression and you just really don't want to deal with that stuff, you may be more angry and annoyed. But people that are spiritually aware are really wanting to grow right now. Can you see, just people are wanting to talk about issues that we've turned our heads for a long time, and it's as you can see causing a lot of protests because there's angry people wanting change, and they want their voices to be heard. We want our individual voices to be heard and we want our collective voices to be heard.


And it's this eclipse is going to happen at 28 degrees in LEO. So what you do is you look in your chart, if you have a natal chart drawn out, and you're going to look at that 28 degree and what house it falls into, and that's where it's going to be activated for you.

Gina: What will you be doing during the moments of the eclipse? And it may have to do with not just astrology but your other spiritual/metaphysical work. What is your plan for Monday?

Kimberly: Oh my goodness. Well, we've got a void of course moon, it's a new moon. It's a solar eclipse, and then there's going to be a void of course for about two hours. So I plan on doing some candle workings for people with what has to do with this particular moon, and I'll probably be meditating. We were planning on going out on the beach. It just depends on what the weather says, and I'm hoping that it's clear, that we can see this because it's going to be very powerful. You will feel it in your body and your DNA. I mean, if you, if you are a very sensitive person, you will feel it go through you. And a lot of changes usually shift for people at this time. Like this that you've been waiting for to happen will suddenly manifest for you. So you want to put good stuff out there.


Gina: In a meditative kind of way?


Kimberly: Yeah, because it's going to amplify it. Just think about it in terms of what is happening. You're going from the light, to the darkness, back to the light again. And that's happening on a soul level for us as well, not just what's happening in the sky.

Gina: Some people have a feeling about these kinds of things...Do you think that this eclipse has some significance for us as a country, as a world?

Kimberly: Yeah. I always think---everything affects everything else. You know, you come in here with me today has affected me on some level and I have probably affected you on some level because we affect everything in our environment. And this is a powerful happening. Sometimes people play it up too much, and then people get really disappointed that what they thought was going to happen didn't happen. But be aware that days before and days after are really more important than the actual event. So I would be more inclined to see what's go on here at the front end which I got this week. Wow. And it was so just mind boggling and overwhelming, just with things that were coming at me. But then it kind of cools down and then you get the after-effect of it. And that's what you want to pay attention to because that's going to let you know what's going to be happening in your life, goal-wise and spiritual-wise, over the next few months. It's got a purpose. You know, everything has a purpose, and you have to pay attention to it. Just get still enough to hear it and understand it.


I would like to say, the eclipse is coinciding with a Mercury Retrograde. This is something powerful because it means things from the past and new things because of a new moon and a solar eclipse. These things are all holding each other together. So think about, we need to look to the past for some answers, especially if we're in a period of upheaval that didn't work. So let's look at this because we haven't tried that. And let's head to the future and have a different attitude about things, because you can't keep doing the same things. Attitude and intention is everything. And once we understand that I don't think we'll be having the same problems in our life, and collectively on the planet.

I think it's going to be life-changing for a lot of people who really want to get in the stream, back in life again because we kind of been in, just kind of in a holding pattern. And I think that it will give us a new dose of blood and energy in our lives.