WPD Chief: We Have To Be Cognizant

Aug 5, 2019

Governor Roy Cooper today ordered all U.S. and North Carolina flags at state offices lowered to half-staff in honor of the shooting victims in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio over the weekend. This morning  the Wilmington City Council heard from local law enforcement.

Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous says his force trains regularly for just such a scenario.

“We train every year. Our in-service training on active shooter training. What became evident and I believe it was the Dayton shooting, we have to make sure we have enough long guns, rifles in our cars to be able engage these people. So we're taking a look at that right now. Our active shooter training is standardized throughout the country.”

He says that his department is prepared.

“We wouldn't want to think that it's a situation that, that could happen here, but it could, so we have to be cognizant of that and we're, we're prepared. We will engage immediately.”

The chief’s comments came at the end of the city council’s agenda briefing.

Vince Winkel, WHQR News