Wilmington councilman addresses deadly shooting, decries 'derogatory comments'

Apr 7, 2021

Last week’s deadly shooting in Wilmington's Southside remains under investigation, and police say they have no suspects. Wilmington City Council took time to address the shootings at Tuesday's council meeting.

Councilman Kevin Spears expressed his condolences for the families of those killed and injured. But he also shared some frustration about how some community members have reacted to the shooting.

“There are some very, very derogatory comments being placed about people of certain ethnic groups and where they live and how this is the norm. We don’t want to normalize this.”

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He added that Wilmington residents should come together as a community to support the victims.

“So if Wilmington is this great community that everyone professes it to be, let’s act like it.”

Mayor Bill Saffo and Councilman Kevin O’Grady also expressed condolences for the families affected by the shooting, with O’Grady adding that red flag laws, which the council has expressed support for in the past, might have prevented the tragedy.