Wilmington Citizens Show At Senior Resource Center In Steady Stream On Election Day

Nov 7, 2017

During the last municipal election of 2015, only 10% of voters in New Hanover County showed up.  By Tuesday afternoon, it was too early to tell if the numbers are up, down, or even with the last cycle.  In an unscientific, anecdotal visit with voters at New Hanover County’s Senior Center – one of the polling locations in Wilmington today – I met a handful of committed voters who say they wouldn’t miss an election.

“We have never skipped an election.  I am 81.  He is 83.  And no matter where we are… This is the first time voting in Wilmington.  We have lived in New Hanover County for 30 years.”

That’s Mrs. Link.  She says she’s looking for a change.

“I would like to see a change to the complex of city council.  I would like them to make a little more sense and not do what they want to do.”

Roger Hawkins just votes – regardless of the issues. 

“I always vote.  It’s a shame if you don’t vote.”

Cornelius says he also ALWAYS votes but…

“The past presidential election shows everyone that you have to be at every election no matter local or regional or national.”

And Henry has an analytical of his civic duty:

“When so many people don’t come, your vote becomes even more powerful.” 

But, says Mrs. Link…

“If you haven’t done your research, don’t come.  If you have done some research, please come.”

The polls are open on Tuesday until 7:30 PM.