WHQR Produces Nationally Syndicated Kwanza Program

Dec 22, 2011

Season's Griot is the only nationally syndicated Kwanzaa program on public radio. Hosted for the last 20 years by acclaimed storyteller Madafo Lloyd Wilson, this one-hour special shares tales and traditions of African-American and African peoples. Program airs on Monday, December 26, 12PM-1PM and will be rebroadcast on Saturday, January 1, 6PM-7PM

This year the program will explore the concept of peace through storytelling, music and voices from the streets. Madafo is joined by poet-in-residence Beverly Fields Burnette and storytellers Joyce Grear and Pamela Reid.

About the Host, Madafo Lloyd Wilson:

Madafo Lloyd Wilson is a storyteller and Musician. He tells all kinds of stories but mainly those which speak from the African and African American experience. Madafo tells, in the tradition of "Griot," the one responsible for keeping alive the history, traditions, principles, and values of the people. To the delight of audiences throughout the U.S., East and West Africa, and Europe, Madafo combines traditional and contemporary musical instruments, with the story, to create the mental image. His stories are ageless and speak to all ethnicities.

See the program's page for more details.