Whither Pat, Jemila & Bob on Classical HQR?

Aug 7, 2018

Rest easy, friends. WHQR's locally programmed, produced and hosted classical music has been here from the station's beginning, and continues today on 91.3 HD2, 92.7, 102.3, and now 96.7! So, some of you may be wondering about the recent absence on weekday mornings of Pat Marriott, Bob Workmon and Jemila Ericson.

Soprano Nadine Sierra in a performance from her youth on From the Top, heard Saturdays at noon on Classical HQR.

It's good news, actually. You see, part of the classical studio, and the surrounding spaces, is being rennovated. Classical HQR's local absence is ONLY temporary, though there will be at least two more weeks of our friends from Classical 24 in Minnesota keeping the flame alive. And don't forget Pat Marriott's Evening Concert each Monday at 8! There's so much to enjoy on Classical HQR. http://www.whqr.org/schedule/week/whqr2#stream/0