Wednesday on CoastLine: New Hanover County School Redistricting Process…

Feb 11, 2019

On Wednesday’s CoastLine, redistricting has gone through several iterations…and now, key decisions are slated for 2020…We’ll hear from New Hanover County Schools School Board Chair and the education reporter for the Star News...

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  • Cammie Bellamy, Educational Issues/Growth and Development Reporter for the Star News

  • Lisa Estep, Chairwoman, New Hanover County Schools Board of Education


  • What’s your take on the redistricting process for New Hanover County Schools? Tell us:

  • On Wednesday’s CoastLine, we’ll discuss the state of redistricting in New Hanover County with the Chair of the School Board and an education reporter. What questions do you have for them? Send them to:

  • Do you support the neighborhood schools model, or is there another model you’d like to see in New Hanover County? Let us know: